Saturday, May 23, 2009

National Arboretum & Alero

Yesterday I went to the National Arboretum in NE Washington, DC and again was so thrilled to be there - it is truly a "best kept secret" of our nation's capital. And in, at least, the Arbor House's Men's bathroom there is a changing table. In the main Visitor's Center's Men's bathroom there is not a changing table, but I'm not sure they could fit one in there and it doesn't look like it's been redone since 1950, so I'm giving them a break there. Of course, there's lots of open fields to plop the little one down and change where ever and when ever there's a need.

Unfortunately afterwards we headed over to Alero on U Street NW - a totally hip, trendy part of town with lots of overcrowded restaurants - including Alero. My burrito was nothing to return for and there was no changing table in the Men's bathroom.  

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