Saturday, December 26, 2009

Busboys, Poets and Disappointment

Andrea's brother was in town for the holidays, so after alittle work out at my wife's Pure Joe Pilates Studio we decided to go out for lunch at the every popular Busboys and Poets. We went to the 5th street location because it was the closest. We got pizza, a panini and some nachos - all very good. Andrea's brother commented that it felt like what Starbucks must have been like when they had only 3 locations and were afraid to offend anyone.

To our disappointment they not only didn't have a changing table in the men's room, but did not have one in the women's room either. Being a socially conscious business we would have thought they would support people with children. Where do they think we change our daughter's diapers if there is no changing table? Do they care? Do they want families to come to their restaurant? Some places don't surprise me with their lack of support, but Busboys and Poets certainly disappoint in this one regard.

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